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Online Roulette

What do I need to play online roulette?

There is no game quite like roulette. The split second where the ball pings around each the wheel before choosing its final resting place is one of the most exciting in betting. 

It's no surprise then that roulette is still one of the most popular casino games out there, but how is it played, which online casinos should you play it at and how can you increase your chances of winning? Find out all the answers to these questions and more in this informative guide to all things roulette. 

We'll explore the different types of games on offer, a basic breakdown of the rules, and examine whether using strategy makes a difference

We have also found the best live roulette casinos in the business, each with the following: 

  • A great selection of games and stake levels applicable to all-comers. 
  • Total banking security. 
  • A professional customer service team available around the clock to help with any query you may have.
Table of Contents

Best Online Casinos to Play Roulette in Ontario

What is in the make-up of a great online live roulette casino? 

One of the major tell-tale signs is the presence of a live casino to play live roulette and enhance your playable balance. 

Check out these casinos listed below. There are some phenomenal sites.

How We Rate the Best Online Roulette Casinos

We've given you our top places to play live roulette online, but how do we rate them? 

Several criteria must be met before an online casino gets the thumbs up from us. They include the following:

  • How safe is an online roulette casino? Are they licensed by recognizable regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Security is one of the top priorities for all players - new and experienced. 
  • Is there a variety of roulette games available to play? 
  • Are live dealer games offered in the casino?
  • Are the live roulette tables open around the clock? 
  • Is there an in-game live chat service to help with any queries? 

The more ticks a casino can put next to the above questions, the higher we rate it! 

Types of Online Roulette Available

It's just a wheel and a ball - surely there's only one type of roulette game, right? Wrong. There are several different versions of the casino classic - check them out below:

  • European Roulette: There are 37 sections, with numbers ranging from 0 - 36. Any winning straight up number bet returns 35:1.
  • American Roulette: A double zero is added to the American wheel - increasing the number of segments to 38, increasing the house edge.
  • French Roulette: It retains the same make-up as European Roulette, but there are fewer betting options. A winning straight-up number bet also pays 35:1.
  • Lightning Roulette: The latest addition to the online roulette family - any number can be hit by lightning and have their odds charged by up to 500x your stake. The caveat is that a straight-up number win is 30:1, rather than your usual 35:1.
  • Double Ball Roulette: Two balls hit the reels, instead of one, meaning you have double the chance of winning. The odds are amended accordingly, however. Two balls landing on the same section on the wheel pays a whopping 1,300x your stake. 

Quick Overview on How To Play Roulette 

Now you know the different types of roulette you can play - what about the rules? Online roulette is one of the easier live table games to understand. 

Here is our guide on how to play live roulette:

  • Step One: Sit At A Live Roulette Table
    Take your pick from the copious number of tables on offer. Unlike Blackjack - you do not have to worry about full tables. It's just you and the dealer - in head-to-head battle!
  • Step Two: Select Your Chip Value
    Make sure you are betting the right amount that suits your budget. Your betting chips' value is earmarked at the bottom of the game client (the window in which you play live roulette). 
  • Step Three: Place Your Bets Before Time Runs Out
    Before each spin of the roulette wheel, a clock will count down to give you an allotted amount of time. Make sure all your bets are on before the time runs out. You can remove all your chips before a spin takes place by clicking "Clear Bet". There are other options, too - click "Repeat" to keep the same bet for the next spin, or hit "Double" to double your total bet.

Roulette Glossary

There are plenty of need-to-know terms in roulette - almost too many to name! 

We have broken down the key phrases for you below:

Glossary of Roulette Terms



Straight-Up Number Bet

A single betting chip on a single number. 

Split Bet

This refers to placing a betting chip on two numbers. 

Street Bet

A single betting chip on a row of three numbers - this returns odds of 12:1. 

Corner Bet

Place a bet on the corner of four segments for a return of 9:1. 

Column Bet

A winning bet on one of the three columns will pay 2:1 

Hot Numbers

These are the digits that have been cropping up regularly over recent spins. 

Cold Numbers

The lesser spotted numbers that are just not hitting!

Playing Real Money Roulette vs Free Roulette

If you're new to roulette - you have two options. You either get stuck straight in and get to know one of the world's most famous table games using real money. Or you could play demo modes to test the waters with play money. There are benefits to both! We've compared them for you! 

Playing Roulette for Free vs Real Money

Real Money Advantages

Play Money Advantages

You can trigger specific live roulette bonuses aimed towards increasing your playable funds. 


There is no need to log in or part with any personal details - demo roulette games are available without an account. 


A greater variety of live roulette games in comparison to demo money. 


Completely free - you will not need to part with any money. 

A more interactive experience with your fellow players using the chat service installed on all live casino table clients. 


You can figure out live roulette strategies and discover your favourite numbers. 


Best Tips on How to Win at Roulette

So you think you're ready for some live roulette action? Before you start, take a look at our dos and don'ts - live roulette is a fun game and all players have the possibility of winning big. However, this is still a casino game with a house edge and therefore should be enjoyed carefully. Check out our dos and don't for how to win the most and avoid big losses below:


  • Do be careful not to spread your bets too widely. Covering more numbers may give you more chances of winning but could also exhaust your bankroll quickly. 
  • Do bet correctly and take care to place bets in the intended positions
  • Do set a limit and walk away when you've earned or lost certain amounts


  • Do not chase any losses you may incur. 
  • Do not play while intoxicated. 
  • Do not use abusive or foul language in the in-built live chat service. Doing so may lead to expulsion. 


There you have it! We hope you have enjoyed our live roulette breakdown. If your questions haven't yet been answered- check our Frequently Asked Question section, below. 

Be a Smart Gambler

It’s important to us that you use any information we provide to gamble responsibly. Always bear in mind that online gambling should be fun and a form of entertainment. Players must be 21+. Not everyone can play for high stakes, and that’s fine. As long as you play within your means and enjoy the time you spend at your chosen site, that’s what matters.

The licensed and regulated casinos we’ve reviewed have tools that can help you stay in control. These will enable you to set limits on how much you can deposit and bet and for how long you can play.

If you do feel as though you may be spending too much time or money on gambling or if you need any further assistance, please take a look at the sites listed below:

FAQ Section

Simply a computer or a smartphone that have internet access! Most casino games can be played within your browser so there's no annoying app or program to download first.

Yes - so long as you are playing with an account balance at a licensed casino, you will be able to withdraw real money. 

Yes - you can try roulette online for free. To find, try a simple google search. 

No - it is almost impossible to rig online roulette. All advantages to the casino are labelled clearly and concisely. 

Yes - the Ontario online casino market is unregulated, which means you need to be doubly careful which casino you choose to play at. We recommend aiming for those licensed by the UK or Malta.

There are many live roulette strategies you can find online that will give you the best shot of winning.