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Baccarat Online

Perhaps the simplest of all live casino table games, baccarat is a heads-up battle between the player and the dealer - and you get to choose which side you think will win! 

The goal? To get as close to the number nine as possible - using up to three cards.

We'll go into more detail about how to play baccarat later in this article, but what are the main benefits of playing this historical card game that first garnered popularity back in the Napoleonic era?

  • The house has a meagre edge of around 1% - much less than other similar table games. 
  • The rules are easy to grasp, making it the perfect game for those dipping their toes into Live Casino for the first time. 
  • Advancing technology has increased the variations of baccarat. 
Table of Contents

Best Online Casinos to Play Baccarat in Ontario

Before you start your baccarat journey, you need to find a place to play! Part of our job here at Casinopro is to analyze online casinos and recommend the best ones.

Check out our suggestions below:

How We Rate the Best Online Baccarat Casinos

Now you know our favourite online baccarat casinos, but what are the criteria we use to come to our conclusion? 

We consider several factors, particularly given the unique nature of baccarat as a live casino game.

They include:

  • Reliability and security - A leading licensor must suitably regulate the casino, and all payment solutions must meet industry-standard. 
  • There must be a selection of live baccarat tables that cater to all-comers, from the low stakers to the high-rollers. 
  • Is live baccarat available 24/7? Is there an in-game chat service to help players with issues? There must be a helping hand readily accessible for all players. 

Types of Online Baccarat Available

There are plenty of different types of baccarat available to play at all the online casino we have listed on this page. 

Discover the different versions by checking below:

  • Punto Banco: This is the most widely available baccarat game at an online casino. The casino always represents the bank - and you can back either to win. 
  • Chemin De Fer: Instead of playing against the banker, you face up against other players. The game uses six decks of cards, and there is a minimum of eight participants and a maximum of 12 participants. 
  • Mini Baccarat: A speedier version of the standard baccarat game. The rules are almost identical - although, in this format, there are two fewer decks of cards in play. 
  • Lightning Baccarat: The same rules as standard baccarat apply. However, between one and five cards are randomly turbocharged by lightning. If any of those cards are in the player's winning hands, their total win multiplies accordingly. 

Quick Overview of How to Play Baccarat

So now you know the different versions, but how do you play baccarat in general? The rules are relatively simple - but we all need to start somewhere, so let's lay out the basics. 

Your goal is to predict who will get closest to a total of nine from a maximum of three cards - the player or the banker. You can also back a tie. All playing cards hold face value, except Aces, which are worth one point, and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings, which are all worth zero.

The game begins when two hands of two cards are dealt - one to the player and one to the banker. If both hands are a matching total, it is a tie - if you backed the tie, your bet is returned at odds of 8:1. If the player draws anything from a zero to a five, they will draw a third card. If the player's hand is a six, seven, eight or nine, it stands - unlike blackjack, they have no say in the matter. To decipher whether the dealer will draw a third card relies on multiple scenarios - you can find this information within the game rules of an online baccarat game client.

A winning bet on the player and the banker will return odds of evens. 

Those are the basic rules! But how do you go about the process of playing online baccarat? Did someone say "Gimmie a step-by-step guide!"?

  • Step One - Take a seat at a live baccarat table - there should be plenty of options available at any of the casinos we recommend on this page. 
  • Step Two - Toggle the available stakes and choose an amount for your betting chips. Be sure you're happy with the amount and that it falls within your budget. 
  • Step Three - Place a bet on the player, the banker, or the tie. Then, wait for the dealer to reveal the result. 

Baccarat Glossary

Due to its age, the game of baccarat has coined many terms over the years. Some have stuck, others lost over time - but we have collated the most commonly used phrases in online baccarat today to help you understand what's happening when playing. 

Glossary of Baccarat Terms




Refers to the banker. 


Three cards are burned from the deck right after shuffling and before a new game.

Push Bet

You get your money back - your bet is neither a winning one or a losing one. 


Announced when two cards total an eight or a nine. 

La Petite

Refers to the number eight. In French, La Petite means "the little one." 

La Grande

Refers to the natural number nine. In French, La Grande means "the big one".


The name of the game is also a term for the worst hand in poker. Self-deprecating or what?

Best Baccarat Strategies

Much like most table games, online baccarat encourages strategic play. There are specific play patterns some gamblers choose to follow to give themselves the best chance of emerging victorious. 

Here are some examples:

  • Pick A Side And Stick To It: By backing either the player or the banker over the long run, the odds of reaching your pre-set win-target is 3:1 and breaking even is 4:1. If your selection loses three times in a row, stop and wait for them to start winning again.
  • Switch It Up: Once your selection has lost twice in a row, back the other - otherwise known as trend betting. 
  • Do Not Touch The Tie: A simple strategy, but one that is best heeded over the long run. Despite its comparatively attractive odds of 8:1, there is a house edge of 14% on this outcome. In contrast, the casino only takes advantage of 1.06% against the banker bet and 1.24% against the player bet. 

Best Tips on How to Win at Baccarat

Baccarat is fun, simple, and easy to get-to-grips with once you start playing.

Here are our dos and don'ts to help you get the most out of your baccarat game:


  • Do find the version of baccarat you feel most comfortable and confident with.
  • Do set a budget and stick to it. You can enforce your budget by imposing deposit limits or loss limits in your chosen casino's responsible gaming section. 
  • Understand basic betting strategies.


  • Don't put all your money on a single bet.
  • Never bet on a tie. The chance of both the player and the banker getting the same score is tiny.
  • Don't play whilst intoxicated. 
  • Don't chase any losses. 
  • Don't abuse the dealer. Any abuse will result in ejection from the game room, and possibly from the casino.


There you have it - our brief guide to playing online casino baccarat - get started on any of the recommended casinos on this page. If you have any queries or feel we may have missed something - check our FAQ section below!

Be a Smart Gambler

It’s important to us that you use any information we provide to gamble responsibly. Always bear in mind that online gambling should be fun and a form of entertainment. Players must be 21+. Not everyone can play for high stakes, and that’s fine. As long as you play within your means and enjoy the time you spend at your chosen site, that’s what matters.

The licensed and regulated casinos we’ve reviewed have tools that can help you stay in control. These will enable you to set limits on how much you can deposit and bet and for how long you can play.

If you do feel as though you may be spending too much time or money on gambling or if you need any further assistance, please take a look at the sites listed below:

FAQ Section

You just need to sign up to an online casino and deposit real money. 

Yes - all money you win, you get to keep, unless you are in the process of wagering bonus funds.

Yes - some casinos offer you the chance to hone your skills in demo mode.

No - all online baccarat is subject to the strictest regulatory requirements. Any advantage the casino has is made clear in the game rules. 

Yes - provided it as a licensed online casino.

Follow strategy guides, either listed on this page, or published elsewhere. Be aware, though, over the long run, the casino is likelier to win.