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Best Online Casino Reviews

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Here at, we strive to deliver all of the information you’ll need to enjoy a top-tier iGaming experience. Of course, there are a myriad of other casino review sites available. However, we believe our stringent review process will help guide you to the best online casinos currently on the market.

We provide independent, in-depth reviews. Each of them covers all key aspects of each online casino we come across, including:

  • Security and support
  • Game selection
  • Payment methods
  • And much, much more!

Top Online Casinos by Reviews

Our Casinopro experts have carefully curated a list of top online casinos for you to choose from. Select your favorite from below to get straight to the heart of the action.

Table of Contents

How We Review Our Online Casinos

Each online casino that comes to our attention undergoes a thorough review process before we even contemplate offering up a recommendation. We feel as though it’s our duty to put each site under the microscope to ensure certain criteria meet the highest of standards.

Then, and only then, will we use the information we’ve gathered to determine an overall rating. If it passes our tests, great. We’ll then highlight what’s available. However, if it doesn’t, it’ll go on our casino blacklist. You can check below to see what criteria we use to separate the worthy sites from those that are untrustworthy and not worth your attention.

Infographic showing how casino review ratings are calculated at Casinopro


Security is of paramount importance at any casino. The measures that a site implements to safeguard your personal details are most vital. As such, one of the first things we check is what technologies a casino uses to protect you, the player.

We immediately look for information regarding what kind of licence(s) the site has obtained. This is important because it ensures the casino is committed to creating a safe and trustworthy gambling environment.

Then, we check whether or not the site has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. This is key for modern-day websites because it guarantees an encrypted connection between all parties. Essentially, it ensures all data that passes through the site remains private and secure. This includes credit card numbers, banking information, names and addresses,

Last but not least, we address the range of responsible gambling and customer support options. Should any issues ever arise, we want you to be assured that you can get in touch with a representative quickly and conveniently to resolve the matter.

Payment Methods

Although it’s generally a safe assumption that most casinos provide a wide variety of payment methods, it isn’t always the case. Your preferred banking solution may not always be available.

That’s why we analyse each online casino’s deposit and withdrawal methods along with their respective processing times and potential fees. We first look for the ability to play in CAD to avoid any issues related to currency conversion. Then we check whether or not the site instantly processes your deposits. Finally, we compare the estimated withdrawal times for each payment solution.

Quality of Games

It’s all well and good finding a casino that you can trust but the selection of games is going to be a huge factor in your overall enjoyment. Fortunately, most modern casinos utilise the portfolios of the industry's leading casino game providers. Nevertheless, it isn’t something we take for granted. We carefully pore through the casino’s library to verify that all of the best online slots, table games and live casino titles are readily available.

An indicator of a quality casino is that it features titles from award-winning developers. The likes of NetEnt, Play’n Go, Microgaming and Quickspin are all critically-acclaimed casino software developers, meaning their games are often found at top Ontario casinos.

However, our Casinopro team goes a step further to find the best sites. We look beneath the surface and also analyse the average RTP (Return to Player) percentages of the available games. We ensure they load quickly and check whether they’re accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Quantity of Games

Ultimately, you should always take into account the quality of games over the quantity. However, varied gameplay can bolster your overall enjoyment and it doesn’t hurt to mix things up from time to time. At the end of the day you could end up discovering your new favourite casino game.

When reviewing a casino, we take a look at how many games there are in each category and how that compares against competing brands. That way, we can better recommend certain casinos for specific types of players.

That’s not to say we’d judge a site solely based upon the number of games it has but it can be indicative of a more comprehensive online casino experience.

How to Tell if a Casino Review Site is Trustworthy

It’s important to understand that not all casino review sites have your best interests in mind. Some may appear trustworthy at first glance but there’s always the possibility that not everything is as it seems. They may utilise underhanded tactics to drive you towards casinos that are not secure in an attempt to part you from your hard-earned cash.

So, the question that remains is why should you place your trust in recommendations?

Well, we aspire to embed our core values into each review, recommendation and article throughout the site.

  • We always promote responsible gambling and recommend casinos that offer access to tools that protect players. We believe that gambling should be a source of entertainment. Of course, some players may have the ability to spend more than others but we aim to provide advice that will help everyone to set personal limits. Furthermore, if you ever feel as though you may be playing too much, we provide links to charities and organisations, such as gambleaware, that will help you to rein in your spending.
  • We have years of combined knowledge and expertise within the gambling industry, which we endeavour to pass on to you through each of our reviews. It can be a daunting experience to take your first steps into the world of online gambling. You may be apprehensive about risking real money in a digital environment. That’s why it’s our goal to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to make informed decisions along each step of your journey. We draw upon our experiences as both players and industry veterans to offer guidance from the outset. Hopefully, that will lead you to making the right decisions and ending up with a real money withdrawal.
  • We will only ever offer a recommendation if a casino is fully licensed and regulated. We check what licence(s) a casino has obtained from certain regulatory bodies from around the world. That way we can ensure you’ll be gambling in as safe an environment as possible.

How Do I Choose the Right Casino for Me? - Casinopro Tips

Although we can provide an in-depth analysis of each casino we come across, ultimately, you must decide where to play. Our reviews contain plenty of information regarding each site but we’ve also got a few top tips that can help you to choose an online casino that best suits your needs.

A tip jar filled with Casinopro coins on a blue table, with a piggy bank, casino chips, a receipt, a hammer and a donut

Casinopro Tip #1: Pick a Casino for you

Different types of casinos will better suit different players. If you’re a fan of online slots then you should look for a casino that offers plenty. Alternatively, if you prefer to hit the tables, then casinos with lots of live dealers may be a better option.

Casinopro Tip #2: Find a Casino with your Preferred Payment Method

Don’t let a site’s deposit and withdrawal options be a stumbling block. There are plenty of top online casinos that offer multiple leading banking solutions that should suit your needs. Also, carefully check the T&Cs for information regarding any potential fees.

Casinopro Tip #3: Pick a Casino that Specialises in your Favorite Games

Although a casino may boast the best selection of online slots on the internet, it’s of little use if you prefer to play Blackjack. Conversely, a site that specialises in live dealer gameplay is unlikely to be the ideal destination for Video Poker fans. Before signing up and making a deposit, make sure your chosen casino has a great selection of casino games that you enjoy playing.

Where to Find the Best Casino Reviews?

A table with a pair of binoculars, casino chips, a stack of notes and a phone on a casino review page rated 3.5 stars

If you’re looking for the best casino reviews, you needn’t look any further than The reason behind this is because we do the necessary research to discover all of the important details and then provide them in a straightforward and unbiased manner.

Each of our reviews contains up-to-date licensing information along with sections that outline overall game selection, customer support options, responsible gambling tools and much more. Therefore, if you’re even in doubt about an online casino, remember that Casinopro is here for you - we want you to be fully apprised of what’s on offer and how you can utilise it to enhance your online casino experience!

Be a Smart Gambler

It’s important to us that you use any information we provide to gamble responsibly. Always bear in mind that online gambling should be fun and a form of entertainment. Players must be 21+. Not everyone can play for high stakes, and that’s fine. As long as you play within your means and enjoy the time you spend at your chosen site, that’s what matters.

The licensed and regulated casinos we’ve reviewed have tools that can help you stay in control. These will enable you to set limits on how much you can deposit and bet and for how long you can play.

If you do feel as though you may be spending too much time or money on gambling or if you need any further assistance, please take a look at the sites listed below: