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Live Roulette Online in Ontario

Live roulette generic image

Thanks to advancements in casino technology, you can play your favourite live roulette game via desktop, mobile or tablet. You get to enjoy the convenience of playing from home, whilst still experiencing the real-life action that was once limited to brick and mortar casinos.

Table of Contents

So, if you’re thinking about taking on the house, read on to discover all you’ll need to know. You’ll find information on all popular roulette variants, their respective betting options and payouts, in addition to the best Ontario live roulette casinos around!

Find the best Ontario casinos with Live Roulette!

You can get in on the action at the live roulette table by playing at the sites listed below. Our experts have handpicked the following live roulette casinos for their range of games, and accessibility. Simply click the advertised link to get started!

How does Live Roulette work?

Live roulette works in much the same way as its land-based counterpart. You attempt to predict the final resting place of the ball by placing bets on various number or colour combinations. If successful, you receive an odds-based payout.

The key difference is that instead of physically sitting at the roulette table and placing chips on the mat, you utilise an on-screen display to select your stake and make your predictions. A digital representation of the roulette mat contains all regular betting options; simply click the respective sections to lock in your bet.

The croupier will then announce when the betting round has concluded. At which point the ball is released into the wheel and you watch it spin via HD video, streamed directly to your chosen device. Your bets will then settle as soon as the ball comes to a stop.

The next round will then begin, which typically gives you around 30 seconds to place your bets. Thankfully, most live roulette games have a Rebet function. This allocates the same number of chips on the same selections for your convenience.

Note that if you opt to place bets individually and the timer runs out, the spin will begin with your current selections. You cannot place any more bets until the next round. Should you wish to communicate with the live dealer then this can easily be done via the live chat function, which is offered at all reputable live casinos.

Live Roulette Rules

Any casino game can appear complex at first glance. It’s rarely until you play a few rounds to help learn the rules before you gain a full understanding. That being said, there are several things you’ll need to know before playing. Below, we’ve outlined several factors that will help you to learn how to play live roulette.

It’s important to know that there are many live roulette variants. These can include extra rules and additional numbers - we go into greater detail about these further down the page.

When playing, there will be a betting round before the ball is released. This is often around 30 seconds. You must place all bets during this period; bets you attempt to make after the timer expires will not count.

A traditional European Roulette wheel contains 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36. There are two main sections of the table on which you can place bets - inside and outside. The inside section offers bets on individual numbers along with various number combinations. The outside section contains pairs of bets for Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low, each of which covers 18 numbers.

Live Roulette Bets

There are many betting options when playing live roulette. Each of these offers specific payout odds depending upon your selection. Provided you meet the minimum bet requirement you can place as many bets as the table limit allows. For a full breakdown of each bet type, what they relate to and their respective payout odds check the tables below.

Inside Bets:

Bet TypeNumbers CoveredPayoutEuropean Roulette Odds
Straight Up / Single135 to 12.7%
Split217 to 15.4%
Street311 to 18.1%
Corner48 to 110.8%
Basket56 to 1N/A
Six Line65 to 116.2%

Outside Bets:

Bet TypeNumbers CoveredPayoutEuropean Roulette Odds
Red181 to 148.6%
Black181 to 148.6%
Odd181 to 148.6%
Even181 to 148.6%
High181 to 1 48.6%
Low181 to 148.6%
Dozen122 to 132.4%
Column122 to 132.4%

Variants of Live Roulette

There are traditional live roulette variants, which utilise additional rules, and then there are modern adaptations that include exciting bonuses. So, before you load up a game, it’s important to know the differences between them. Take a look at our brief explanations below to familiarise yourself with each variant.

European Roulette

A traditional European Roulette wheel consists of 37 numbered pockets (0-36). Payout odds are worth up to 35:1 for a successful single number selection. It’s often many player’s preferred live roulette variant due to the game having a house edge of only 2.63%.

American Roulette

American Roulette introduces the double zero (00) to the wheel, increasing the number of pockets to 38. Successful single number selections still offer a 35:1 payout but due to the additional number, the house edge increases to 5.26%.

French Roulette

French Roulette utilises a standard 37 pocket wheel (0-36) but introduces two unique rules that decrease the house edge to 1.35%. These rules surround even money bets in instances where the ball lands on zero. If this were to happen on a European or American roulette table, you would lose if you have not placed a wager on the number. However, in French Roulette you get a second chance in one of two ways:

  • En Prison Rule: Any unsuccessful even money bet will remain on the table and is ‘imprisoned’ until the next spin. If successful on the next spin, your stake is returned.
  • La Partage Rule: Any losing even money bet is split 50/50 between the player and the house. This means you will only lose half of your stake.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s modern take on Live European Roulette. The game uses a standard European wheel but there are several key differences. The first thing you’ll need to consider is that single number selections have payout odds of 30:1. Although that is a substantial payout reduction, there are Lightning Numbers that offer fantastic multipliers worth up to 500x you bet.

Before each round, the game will randomly select 1-5 Lightning Numbers. These will receive a random multiplier worth up to 500x. If the ball lands on one of these numbers and you have placed a single number bet on it, you’ll win the respective multiplier. It’s high-octane live roulette action that you don’t want to miss!

How to play online Roullete with a live dealer

How to play live roulette

You’re only ever a few minutes away from getting in on the action. Follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be reveling in the unique atmosphere that only live dealer roulette can offer!

  • Step 1: Choose from our best live roulette sites and follow the link to get started.
  • Step 2: Sign up as a new player. Make a deposit, if necessary.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the live casino section.
  • Step 4: Select your preferred live roulette game to take a seat at the table.
  • Step 5: Wait for the betting round to commence. Select your stake and place your bets.
  • Step 6: Watch the HD video stream to see the action unfold in real-time.
  • Step 7: Once the ball has come to rest, collect your winnings if you’ve made a successful prediction.
  • Step 8: You can utilise the Rebet/Autoplay function to quickly select your previous bet.
  • Step 9: Leave the table at any time to walk away with your total balance/winnings.

Why play online Roulette at a Live Ontario casino?

This question that remains is why are live roulette Ontario games the preferred option for many players? Well, there are a few distinct advantages to playing online, which we’ve listed below.

  • Betting levels are set to suit everyone’s bankroll. Live Roulette offers an all-inclusive option for those who prefer to play away from land-based casinos.
  • Play from wherever you like, when you like. Thanks to mobile compatibility, you can load up your favourite live roulette game wherever you have a strong internet connection.
  • The HD video delivers the true casino atmosphere without the hassle of leaving your home.
  • There’s no waiting around for a seat at the table. You can join the action from the second the game loads.
  • Multiple live roulette variants are only ever a few clicks away. You can switch between tables in seconds.

Online vs Live Roulette

Pros and cons live roulette

Although live roulette and traditional online games share many similarities, there are key differences between the two. Some of which are positive, others somewhat negative. You can check out the pros and cons of each below.

Live RouletteOnline Roulette
✔️ HD video allows you to experience the action in real-time.✔️ Play at your own pace. There’s no pre-spin timer; you can place bets until you’re ready to begin.
✔️ A better social experience thanks to multiple players playing simultaneously.✔️ Often fully mobile optimised.
✔️ Multiple innovative variants help to mix up the gameplay.✔️Wider betting options - preset bets for more complex strategies.
✔️Typically fully mobile optimised.❌ No social element and a lack of atmosphere.
❌ The pre-spin betting timer may not be long enough to place all of your selections. ❌ Visuals are often bland and dated.

Best live Roulette software

Live roulette screenshot

The live casino arena is a fierce environment. Many specialist providers are vying for position in a rather niche market. Thankfully, this means that upgrades to existing releases and new launches are rarely far away. You’ll never be short of something to play.

As always, though, the crème de la crème rises to the top. Several fantastic live casino providers are commonly found at the best Ontario live casinos.

Evolution Gaming

Here, we have a live casino game provider that specialises in the ultimate live experience. Evolution Gaming leads the market by offering a variety of different roulette titles. You can choose from standard European, American and French variants but there are many others to try.

Speed roulette and Auto roulette are available at most Ontario live casinos but there are other innovative releases to look out for. The award-winning Lightning Roulette is a common attraction, whilst Double Ball Roulette and Dual Play Roulette offer interesting alternatives.


You can also find many Playtech live roulette games at most Ontario casinos. The provider offers a wide range of familiar variants, along with specific tables with multilingual support. Try out Single Zero Roulette for standard gameplay, Speed Roulette for faster spins or Prestige Roulette for a one-on-one VIP experience.

Be a Smart Gambler

It’s important to us that you use any information we provide to gamble responsibly. Always bear in mind that online gambling should be fun and a form of entertainment. Players must be 21+. Not everyone can play for high stakes, and that’s fine. As long as you play within your means and enjoy the time you spend at your chosen site, that’s what matters.

The licensed and regulated casinos we’ve reviewed have tools that can help you stay in control. These will enable you to set limits on how much you can deposit and bet and for how long you can play.

If you do feel as though you may be spending too much time or money on gambling or if you need any further assistance, please take a look at the sites listed below:

FAQ section

If you have any other questions regarding live roulette games Ontario, check out our FAQ section below.

Yes, you can win real money by playing at any trusted Ontario live casino. You just need to select your preferred game and place a real money bet to be in with a chance of winning. If successful, you can then withdraw the funds at your leisure.

When playing live roulette, you’re effectively predicting where the ball will land. Therefore, as the dealer/croupier is not playing against you, you’re essentially playing against the house. Nevertheless, you’ll get the same sense of satisfaction whenever you win!

As long as you play a fully licensed Ontario casino, you’ll be within the confines of the law. Therefore, you can happily play live roulette in the knowledge that everything is above board.

In the past, it’s been a worry that live dealer roulette can be rigged. Thankfully, these concerns are often unfounded. Nowadays, all games must be rigorously tested before release to ensure they comply with fair play standards. Additionally, many games now utilise an automatic ball launcher to remove any possibility of the dealer accidentally influencing the outcome.

Yes, you can play live roulette at many of the best Ontario mobile casinos. Simply navigate to your chosen site using your preferred device to get started. However, you must have a strong internet connection. This will help to avoid any connection issues whilst playing.